Hi I'm Jeff.
I design online experiences
using just a few techniques.

Here's what I get up to day to day

User interface design

I've been designing the finishing touches to online experiences for roughly ten years. Whether it's mobile apps, or responsive web design, it's still a hugely enjoyable aspect of my job.

User research

Over the years user research has become a much larger part of my working process. I've seen many times how even just some quick prototype testing with customers on a shop floor can help highlight opportunities, as well as avoid pitfalls in proposed user experiences.


Design sprints often involve prototyping as this is key to bringing the teams ideas quickly to life. My prototypes are frequently used to test ideas on users and demonstrate new functionality to product owners and developers.

Running design sprints

Whenever a reasonable sized project comes a long I often find it useful to run a design sprint. I think it's a really effective way of bringing a team together to understand a problem and try and solve it.

Recent projects

A bit more about me:
Sometimes I go on long walks

And when I do, I blog about it. After completing a hundred and ten mile walk across Wales with my best friend I caught the writing and walking bug. In 2017 I began using my holidays to walk the length of the Pyrenees, from the Atlantic to the Mediteranean. Links to the blogs documenting these adventures below.

walking wales for charity