We’re ready to set off for Aberystwyth!


It’s the day before we start our rather ambitious hike across North Wales, along the west coast and through mountainous Snowdonia. Let’s set the scene a little.

We made the decision to do this walk roughly 10 months ago. It would have been wise to use these months to research and prepare as much as possible. Many people around me (Jeff) have been giving advice and encouragement. I’ve been trying to make notes of all these little gems of advice whether they be from people’s personal experience or from something they once saw on Bear Grills a few years ago. People seem to be mostly concerned with two things. Firstly my feet, the amount of foot tips I’ve received in the last 10 months has been astonishing. Everything from, “just cover them in zinc nitrate, it’s like a second skin!” to “cover yourself in talc and wear loads of socks” and “best make sure you two rub each others feet down at the end of each day”. Like a real grade A chump I’ve taken all this foot advise on board and now have a rucksack I can’t lift above my waist because I’ve got the equivalent of a chiropodists travelling footcare hospital within it. Secondly friends and workmates have been concerned for my safety considering the abundance of scary wildlife they think is lurking around waiting to chew off one of my limbs or infect me with me with some deadly disease. It’s surprising how many times I’ve been asked “will there be bears!?!” for those still wondering… the answer is no, this is Wales there are no wild bears.

Another common theme throughout the last 10 months has been how much I have been regularly joking about how unprepared we are and how Paul and myself have never done anything like this before. Having said that, we have just finished packing and it’s blown me away how prepared Paul actually seems. I now feel entirely dwarfed by his walking gear prowess and we are making a quick stop by ‘go outdoors’ on Edgeware road to ensure we are equal. The phrase ‘all the gear, no idea’ seems appropriate here.

Anyway, thanks to Heather for all her help! If you fancy reading through updates on the demise of our feet and friendship then watch this space!



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