Pretty tired!


We made it to the Morben Isaf campsite! It only took 9 hours of traversing cliff edges, mountainous woodland and a foray into the largest lowland bog in Britain!

I wanted to write so much but surprise, surprise walking 15 miles with a rucksack which weighs a tonne has completely destroyed me. I think it’s safe to say that we have both never ached as much as we do right now. And yes our feet are ruined!

But let’s focus on the highs…

We seemed to have befriended the barmaid at the Glendower in Aberystwyth who ensured we had the best seats for our full English this morning. I left Paul alone in the breakfast room for a bit, when I came back he leaned in close and whispered very proudly “Jeff I’ve put A LOT of their tea bags in my pockets”, so we won’t be short of brews! You can take the boy out of Rochdale.

The scenery has been breathtaking. Even in some of our darkest moments we’ve both been able to stop and enjoy the fantastic views and beautiful forests.

Having said that, Borth was an interesting place. It consists of only one street lining the shore front and it seemed pretty bleak, like an old whaling town turned tourist attraction. The one street included many shops which seemed to sell everything from creepy dolls to wetsuits. There was also something called an ‘animalarium’? When we made it to the beach we chucked our STUPID rucksacks on the pebbles and joked about our various sweat stains, only to realise there were two gorgeous lifeguard babes watching.

We also bumped into a lovely couple from Ruthin who told us where the best view on the Welsh coast is, as well as letting us know about the infamous nudist beach, which surprisingly, were two different places.

I’m so tired I’m gonna crash. Two last points though, Paul’s lent me his long johns and anti-septic cream so I just spent a few minutes sliding around the tent in an absolute joy. Only to discover moments later that the sleeping bag I’ve brought is… Wait for it… A kids one! Absolutely crushed. Hopefully post tomorrow!

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