Aberystwyth… is AMAZING!


We think we might actually just stay here. Not only for the week but maybe forever.

Only joking we are. Right now we are feeling pretty damn excited about our walk. We’ve been thinking, joking and stressing about this walk for sometime but for some reason (alcohol may have helped) now we are literally on the edge of beginning our epic challenge our spirits are higher than ever!

We arrived in Aberystwyth at 5:30. We had used the 4 hour train journey wisely by messing about on Facebook, staring out the window and reading glamour – basically anything we could do to ignore each other and save up conversation for those lonely nights ahead. Then in the last half an hour as the train actually passed the pretty f**king intimidating mountains we’re going to have to climb tomorrow we decided to get our maps and GPS compasses out to plan ahead. We’ve figured out that tomorrow is at least 15miles. It’s quite funny because I think it’s slowly dawning on Paul that this route really has not been picked for any other reason than alliteration. Aberystwyth to Abergele NO PROBLEM!

Aberystwyth has been bloomin lovely. The Welsh accent is amazing, everyone is so nice and friendly. It was predicted rain but was gloriously sunny. We walked around a castle and old university buildings which all overlook the Irish Sea. From some vantage points we could see right down cardigan bay into Snowdonia, which kind of scared us. Then we went to a Greek restaurant overlooking the pub on the pier and a nice ice cream shop with some kind of police barriers surrounding it, presumably pre-empting the weekend hoards flocking to ‘Don Gelatos’ for a cold sugary mouth fix. As the sun went down a man with a goatee came into our corner of the restaurant and serenaded us with just a guitar. Paul ordered half a pint of port and I just stuck to the ‘mythos’ beers.

Preparations for tomorrow’s epic walk are all taken care of. We bought some plastic cheese and rubber ham from spar and made some sandwiches… Boom. Prepared.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a book we are both enjoying reading on this walk by Bill Bryson ‘A walk in the woods’:

“All over America today people would be dragging themselves to work, stuck in traffic jams, wreathed in exhaust smoke. I was going for a walk in the woods. I was more than ready for this.”

This is hopefully how we will feel tomorrow! Although I did just walk up two flights of stairs and end up slumping onto my bed completely out of breath…





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